Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How to begin to promote your act

You've been doing comedy for a few years and have managed to put together a half hour set that seems to succeed more frequently than it fails but how can you get further ahead and move past working at the same venues over and over again? Obviously the answers depend on a few things including what style you are working with and what type of venues you want to play but there are some basics that are useful for almost everyone.

1 - good headshots -- b/w and color --- digital, though a few hardcopy are a good idea as well

2 - a one-page - something with a little bit of design flair that lists the best places you've played, positive quotes about your act, companies you've worked for, and any respected and/or celebrity comedians you may have worked with ---- credits, basically.

3 - an online presence of some kind is useful but not absolutely essential beyond one good Youtube clip

4 - video - film a 1/2 hour set at the best venue you can get --- you don't need to mess around with multi-camera set-ups etc. just get a good venue with a good crowd. You'll want a copy of the full length set for comedy club agents and then edit out the highlights and have a separate demo of them for the others - put the best one or two on youtube. Do as clean a set as is comfortable for you as it gives you more flexibility - unless, of course, edge is the essence of your act.

For the local agents/clubs try to drop them off in person and have a coffee with the agent/owner involved - get to know them a little - having a reference/introduction from another comedian always makes things much easier. Lists of agents and clubs across the country are easily available online, send both hardcopy and e-mail to the ones that you think will fit you best. Also, make sure you have a showcase set that you can perform for any agents, managers, festival co-ordinators etc. - a five minute set that can easily be shortened or lengthened and emphasizes originality.

I hope this is helpful let me know if you have any questions ...

thanks Chris

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